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  •   Art on demand ? 

What does it mean? It is difficult to understand how art can be on demand since art cannot be created if violently forced. It needs inspiration and free imagination. Entropy is designed to do exactly that  - help you express your own inspiration and imagination. So it is art on your demand.  The aim of entropy is to help you express your creative self involving you in the creative procedure and helping you bring your ideas and thoughts to life. I am at your disposal for a photo shooting as you have imagined it. We can even create together if this is what you wish. Your involvement can be as active as you wish. We will discuss what you have in mind and then you will have art created just for you, on your demand, custom made. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.


  • Photography services. 

You can decide on your photo shooting: What type of pictures do you want? do you want the eyes of a simple observer or the eyes of an artist? 

Do you need pictures for your business activity? I can create high esthetics content for you to use commercially, for your internet presence or any other business purpose. Do you wish to have pictures with your family? Take me with you on a daily outing or activity and I will discretely shoot the best pictures that you have ever seen. Do you want pictures of your pet,  your favorite car, your home?

Delivery to you can be made in any way you wish: large posters, photo books, data sticks, printed on canvas. It is all your choice, you have the creative idea and I am here to bring it to life.



  • Portrait  studio photography.

Personal photo shooting in the studio is an exceptional experience, my favorite assignment as a photographer. I love taking pictures of people because I love the connection created before and during the shooting. This shooting can take place in my studio or any place you wish.

We can choose the theme and everything that goes with it. You can have professional make-up if you wish.

Besides satisfying your need for a set of beautiful artistic pictures you will also receive pictures that you can use for social media profiles, for professional reasons and CVs.




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